knowledge FOR forests

Creating bridges between science and everyday life. With the same vision in mind: to enjoy the benefits of the forests and nature. For us and for the next generations.

The Knowledge for Forests web portal provides forestry experts with content that helps them stay in touch with what’s going on in forestry and is particularly focused on the area of forest genetics and forest genetic monitoring. The forestry experts’ section of the portal is primarily intended for anyone who, deals with professional work in the forest sector at the contractor, engineering, higher professional or scientific level. Also available on the portal is educational content for students, forest owners and others.

The following content is especially topical for forestry experts, accessible on the portal:

  • News and current developments in European and global forestry;
  • Announcements and invitations to events in Europe and the world;
  • Results of research and implementation projects, professional articles and other contributions;
  • Educational materials for forestry experts – publications, e-classrooms, decision support systems and communication tools.

Links and resources: